The cyan, magenta and yellow are the only colors in the printer how ever black and white are used to control the neritive of colours. Cyan is a shade of blue and green, magenta is a shade of red and pink, and yellow is a shade of green and orange on the spectrum of light. White is used as the foundation and black is used as the second foundation when put on top which is backwards because we all know that black came before white, or should we say light?

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  • The Eugene Record

    The Eugene Record was the first of 3 albums from the WB family on the lead singer of The Chi-Lites which musicians have sampled most of his music from.

  • Trying To Get To You

    This second album for Eugene Record set a patten of soothing silky sounds from the vocalist and has become a favor for DJ's.

  • Welcome To My Fantasy

    This one of a kind Eugene Record with his new writers came up with a one of a kind sound at the burbank studios.